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Areas of Practice

Our legal services include counselling on criminal legal matters and the defence of the clients’ interests in front of Spanish Tribunals, and also before the foreign ones in collaboration with local lawyers.

Our professional services focuses, mainly, on:

  • Tax and insurance fraud.

  • Fraud and other offences against properties (e.g.: missappropiation, damages, Ponzi schemes)

  • Punishable insolvency offences

  • Bribery and corruption 

  • Corporate crimes such as fraudulent administration, abusive agreements, infringement of shareholder voting and corporate rights, falsifying business records.

  • Money laundering offences.

  • Crimes against workers’ rights.

  • Offences related to industrial and intellectual property rights.

  • Crimes against the market and consumers.

  • Offences against environmental law and urban planning regulations.

  • Offences against honour.

  • Hate crimes and discrimination.

  • Corporate criminal liability.

  • Develop and implement internal compliance programs.


  • Represents individuals in international cooperation procedures in criminal matters, such as extradition procedures and European arrest warrants, but also legal assistance in international rogatory commissions.

  • Legal assistance in the international and national protection of human rights.

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